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Hi speed 5-axis machining centres







Michelangelo: the best quality, flexibility and productivity with the top of 5-axis technology

Michelangelo is a range of last generation 5-axis interpolating machining
centres, designed to work the most advanced material; composites, special resins, plastics, aluminium, light alloys, wood.

Created to perform at high speed on the most complex 3D shapes, it is used in many sectors, from molds to thermoformed components to industrial components for the automotive industry, boats, aeronautics, furniture and more.

A compact design with a large machining volume together with high precision and reliability make it the ideal choice to be efficient in the company and offer the highest quality available today.

Maximum access to the work area even with manual or automatic movement systems thanks to the large sliding doors without upper beam.

Wide range of operating groups. Efficient and performing.

Engineered structure to give the best precision and working speed.


The stiffness of Michelangelo’s structure, the powerful brushless motors and latest generation guides guarantee very high dynamics and precision.
Combining these exceptional performances with powerful electrospindles, the result is as a leader.


The working table can be easily loaded and is very accessible even with manual and automatic lifting systems thanks to the sliding doors without upper beam.
Cleaning and service operations are simple while chips can be collected in dedicated containers that are integrated with the machine and easily removable.
All the movement elements and the guides are covered with special devices to protect them from chips and dust extending their life and performance.
Even the standard configurations are equipped with an Ethernet interface to connect to the company network and allow a fast and incisive service.


Every customer has specific requirements, so our team of experts analyse with the customer each application proposing the best solution in terms of performance and costs.
This is possible because Celag pay specific attention to modularity and flexibility concepts during all the design phases. This allow us to build every detail of the Michelangelo on the precise needs of each customer. For example, tables, clamping systems, software and solutions for different types of material.
The architecture specifically designed to integrate the machine with the most modern automation systems makes the Michelangelo the ideal solution to increase production efficiency.


An important target during the design phase is to obtain an efficient, ecological machine that provide a long service.
In fact, intelligent energy management systems guarantee maximum power during work phases and reduce waste in stops. The stand-by strategy of the Michelangelo as well as representing an energy saving guarantees a longer life of the components.


To meet the needs of each customer and propose the right solution, with Michelangelo there are different versions of the table on which you can use any clamping system and material.
Traditional and pneumatic clamps, standard or special vacuum devices can be easily fixed to the table and connected to the vacuum system.
In addition to the most used tables, CELAG evaluates together with the customer, customized support and fastening solutions to obtain the highest level of performance.

Aluminum table

Suitable for processing wood,  plastics, composites, aluminum, light alloy

Configuration with hole grid or with threaded bushings for simple positioning using customer’s fastening systems

Other solutions:

  • Vacuum suction cups for a reliable and delicate fixing
  • Clamps or other pneumatic fixing systems
  • T-slots for the clamps

Aluminum matrix table

Suitable for processing wood, plastics, composites,aluminum, light alloy

Configuration with milled channels for insertion of the sealing cord along the perimeter of the piece to be machined or the customer’s device to be fixed to the plane.

The most common suction cups can also be used if the piece needs to be raised.

Phenol resin matrix table

Suitable for wood processing

Configuration with milled channels for insertion of the sealing cord along the perimeter of the piece to be machined or the customer’s device to be fixed to the plane.

The most common suction cups can also be used if the piece needs to be raised.


high torque even at low
The HSK interface guarantees torque transmission, speed and precision when changing tools.

CELAG CELAG has a range of cooling systems that are used to obtain excellent quality and extend tool life, allowing the correct chip discharge in all working conditions.

Chip and dust require special solutions for each material. For example for the aluminum machining it is recommended the use of nebulized refrigerating liquids while for the plastics it is recommended the ionized air system that eliminates the electrostatic charges from the chip preventing it from sticking to the pieces. In addition, dust extraction systems are also available that connect to the customer’s centralized vacuum system or dedicated vacuum cleaners.

Electro-spindles range Use
Power 7/8,7 kW
Type HSK F63
Max speed 20.000 rpm
Nominal speed 12.000 rpm
Liquid cooled
Suitable for plastics machining
Power 11/13 kW
Type HSK F63
Max speed 20.000 rpm
Nominal speed 12.000 rpm
Liquid cooled
Suitable for plastics, composites, wood machining
Power 15/18 kW
Type HSK F63
Max speed 24.000 rpm
Nominal speed 9.000 rpm
Liquid cooled
Suitable for composites, wood machining


Saving time during the tool change phase is important to ensure high productivity and this depends on the performance level of the tool magazine.
This is why mobile modular tool changer with high performances are planned.
It is possible to install 1 or more tool changer units on the machines.


Our goal is to make the customer as efficient and competitive as possible.

For this we provide the Michelangelo with the most advanced and modern CNC systems and software. A perfect control of the machining, high dynamics and the possibility to connect the machine to  the company network and to the internet, allow an excellent final result.


Speeding up machine cleaning operations means efficiency.
Manual chip extraction and automatic removal systems make the Michelangelo fast to use and always ready.


Michelangelo 2816 Michelangelo 2616
Electro-spindles Power 7/8,7 kW
Power 11/13 kW
See previous table
Power 15/18 kW

See previous table

Axis Axis X,Y,Z: pignon-rack
A/C: hollow shaft
Table – Steel T-slot table
– Aluminum flat table
– Aluminum matrix table
– Phenol resin matrix table
– Other on request
Axis range X = 2.800mm
Y = 1.600mm
Z = 1.300mm
A = ± 120 °
C = ± 220 °
X = 2.600mm
Y = 1.600mm
Z = 1.200mm
A = ± 120 °
C = ± 245 °
Rapid traverse X-Y-Z = 80 m/min
A/C = 75 °/sec
X-Y-Z = 80 m/min
A/C = 200 °/sec
Positioning accuracy 0,078 mm
Repeat accuracy 0,032 mm
Tool warehouse 8-position travelling linear tool warehouse
16-position travelling linear tool warehouse
24-position travelling linear tool warehouse
Other on request