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Hi speed 5-axis CNC Machining Centres

CELAG has developed a range of last generation 5-axis interpolating machining centers, designed to process the most advanced materials; composites, special resins, plastics, aluminum, light alloys, wood.

We can operate at high speed and on the most complex three-dimensional shapes responding optimally to the needs of different sectors, from molds to thermoformed, to automotive industrial components, boats, aeronautics, furniture and more.

The monolithic structure allows to minimize vibrations, the compact design and the large work volume combined with high precision and reliability, make our machines the ideal choice to be efficient in the company and offer the highest quality available today.

Michelangelo: maximum quality, flexibility and productivity with the top of 5-axis technology.

Michelangelo is the TOP of the CELAG machine range, a line of machines of different “sizes” that allows to respond to specific work needs. Machining centers with 5 last generation interpolating axes designed to work on the most advanced materials such as composites, special resins, plastics, aluminum, light alloys and wood.

The Michelangelo can be equipped with different settings, and be customized with ad hoc solutions for special performance needs.


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