Hi speed 5-axis CNC Machining Centers with mobile beam


MICHELANGELO HF D is a 5-axis gantry machining center with mobile beam designed for high-speed machining of composite materials and light alloys. Thanks to its characteristics, XL turns out to be the ideal choice for trimming composite materials, high-speed milling of wood, resins, light alloys and aluminum.


Maximum access to the work area even with manual or automatic handling systems thanks to the large doors without uprights. Ceiling bellows that allows you to isolate the work area and limit the exit of chips and dust into the external environment. The translucent material in addition to the LED lighting of the machine ensure excellent brightness in the work area.


The Michelangelo HF D machining center can be equipped with an extremely effective suction system to be able to deal with even the most difficult materials.

The Michelangelo HF D work center can be equipped with a system of sky bellows that limit the escape of fumes, dust and shavings from the work area. In addition to preserving the machine mechanics, this application also helps to maintain a cleaner and healthier environment for the operator.


The 5-axis mechanical processes are used to make components and semi-finished products in different sectors, among which the most relevant are:

AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY: cnc in the automotive industry are used to make resin and aluminum molds, style models, trimming of plastic, carbon and composite components

MEDICAL INDUSTRY: cnc in the medical industry are used to cope with an increasingly high demand for processing dictated by the aging population that is playing an important role in the growth of the sector.

NAUTICAL INDUSTRY: cnc in the nautical industry are used to meet the most diverse needs that extend from shipbuilding to pleasure boats with the need to work on different types of materials; The machine tools will be used for processes that start from the modeling and trimming of hulls up to the smallest details in fiberglass and composite.

AEROSPACE INDUSTRY: the aerospace sector imposes severe requirements both in terms of material and complex shapes. CNCs in the aerospace industry are used for the machining of structural parts such as wings, bulkheads, trolley systems, engine parts and interior components using a wide range of high-tech complex materials and alloys ranging from titanium to carbon to aluminu.


Michelangelo HF D
Electrospindles Power  10/12 kW
Power  15/18 kW
Power  22/25 Kw
Axis range/ Working area (spindle nose) X = 2900mm
Y = 4100mm
Z = 1.200mm
A = ± 120 °
C = ± 360 °
Rapid Traverse X = 80 m/min
X = 60 m/min
B/C    = 75 °/sec
Tool ware-house 8 position travelling linear tool warehouse
16 position travelling linear tool warehouse
24 position travelling linear tool warehouse


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    Michelangelo is a range of last generation 5-axis interpolating machining centres, designed to work the most advanced material; composites, special resins, plastics, aluminium, light alloys, wood.


    The Michelangelo FT 5-axis machining center is the ideal solution for trimming plastic and composite materials, which thanks to its technical characteristics ensure high productivity and production quality.