IOT – Data Flow

IoT – Data FLOW is the latest generation IOT platform specifically designed to optimize the performance and productivity of machinery in your companies.

Data Flow displays, monitors and analyzes all the data coming from the connected machines and will allow you to monitor in real time the production, the functioning of the machines, the alarm states, directly on a PC, tablet or smartphone, without the need to be in company.


Representation of the values read

The values read by the machinery and the status of the connection with the machine’s PLC are shown inside the main screen.

Monitoring of information

The information collected by the machines is available in real time thanks to the interconnection Counters, Alarms amd States.

Monitoring of production meters

The parameters relating to the production data collected are customizable according to your needs and the information that the management and machinery are able to exchange.

Display of alarm history and active alarms

Thanks to alarm monitoring, it is possible to optimize maintenance, for example, intervening where appropriate on the areas most subject to wear.

Real-time monitoring of data

The real-time monitoring of the data allows us to have correct and truthful information of what is happening for each individual machine.  A tool that brings concrete benefits to the whole organization.